Your business is much more than a financial statement.

(so don’t sell it to someone who sees it that way!)

Quick close

If it’s a good fit, there’s no need to drag out dilligence for 6 months. Let’s close fast and get to work!

Continue to operate as-is

We want your team to continue doing what they do best.

Keep your people happy

Your employees and culture are your biggest asset. Let’s keep them happy and motivated!

Here’s how we’re different:

Selling to Us

  • 60-90 day close
  • Company operates as is
  • Preserve/invest in your culture
  • Simple structure and terms
  • Invests in staff perks and incentives
  • Growth is nice but we’re not VCs
  • Holds company for long-term


Selling to Private Equity

  • Takes 6+ months to close
  • Intervene in operations
  • Forced culture changes
  • Terms that devalue your equity
  • Disruptive to employees (hurts morale)
  • Push for unsustainable growth
  • Flip the company in 2-5 years

What we’re looking for:

  • $2M revenue minimum
  • Proven team in place
  • Great culture
  • Recurring revenue (or potential for it)